Hello! My name is Jishnu. I am a programmer based in Bangalore, India.

I currently work at Twic as a full time remote employee. Previously, I was helping Taro to deliver homely food across North America. Before that, I was working with Hashcube on a 2D game engine and on social games.

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IndicKeyboard - MOSS Award winning Input method for android, supporting 23 languages.
As seen on Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Times of India, Indian Express, The Economic Times, Deshabhimani and Medianama.
Download, Download Gesture Typing variant

Akshara Mazha - Android live wallpaper with Malayalam glyphs.

Malayalam Fonts WebExtension - Chrome & Firefox extension to set the font for the Malayalam content in websites.
Firefox, Chrome

Magisk Malayalam Fonts - Set default system font for Malayalam language in rooted Android devices.

Inactive Projects

SMS Attendance - Attendance notification system for college students.
As seen on Malayala Manorama

Yet Another 2048 - Mobile version of a popular number based game.
Web, Mobile

AppRank.in - Website to tracks Google Play Store app rankings.

Unical bot - Twitter bot which tweets university updates.

DevkitHelper - A set of helper libraries for GameClosure Devkit game engine.

Google Play REST API - Openshift deployable instance of unofficial Google Play API.

Blender Addons - Addons for the popular 3D creation suite.
Integrated Library, Solid Wall

Publish Your Bookmarks - A simple tool to publish your Firefox Bookmarks as a webpage.

Debian Diaspora Progressbar - Project to generate progress bar for the status of Debian diaspora packaging.

IRCTC Automated Booking - A script to help you book IRCTC tatkal train tickets faster.

As a Speaker

Open Source Kerala 2017, CUSAT - ReactJS Workshop

Twitter Developer Community Meet, Kochi - Webpack

Kerala JS 2017, Kochi - ES2015 and Beyond.

Fossmeet 2017, NIT Calicut - Contributing to Indic Keyboard.

MES College of Engineering 2016, Kuttippuram - CyanogenMod Source.

Droidcon-in 2015, Bangalore - Android and Indian Languages.

Swathanthra 2014, Thiruvananthapuram - CyanogenMod and AOSP.

12th Year SMC 2013, Thrissur - Indic languages on Mobile.

Fossmeet 2013, NIT Calicut - Silpa Project.

MES College of Engineering 2012, Kuttippuram - Introduction to Git.

Fossmeet 2010, NIT Calicut - Introduction to Blender.

FOSS Contributions

Arch Linux Packages, Cyanogenmod (Lineage OS), F-Droid Data, askbot, jquery.i18n, jquery.ime, jquery.easyWizard, SMC Fonts, Node.js Telegram Bot API, Gnome l10n, Swanalekha WebExtension. pypdflib, Flask Webfonts, Libindic Transliteration, Indic Stemmer, Chardetails, Indic Fortune, UCA Sort, Syllabalizer, Soundex, Shingling, Payyans, Katapayadi, Inexact Search, Indic Ngram, Hyphenation, Normalizer, Indic Trans, Spell Checker, Text Similarity, Script Render, js.io, Timestep, Devkit Core, Devkit Native Android, Devkit Native iOS, Devkit Native Core, Devkit, DevkitHelper, Native Utils, iOS Widgets for GameClosure, Adventuremap, Devkit Billing, LocalNotify, OneSignal Plugin for GameClosure, Gamethrive Plugin for GameClosure, Kochava Plugin for GameClosure, Supersonic Plugin for GameClosure, Hotline Plugin for GameClosure, GamePlay Plugin for GameClosure, GameCircle Plugin for GameClosure, GameAnalytics Plugin for GameClosure, AppsFlyer Plugin for GameClosure, MobiHelp Plugin for GameClosure, Admob Plugin for GameClosure


Github, Gitlab, Mastodon, Pixelfed, Twitter, Diaspora, Noun Project, Behance.


blog.j15h.nu, Engineering @ Hashcube.


I’d love to hear from you!